Do you still want to be LIBERATED from our men ladies!?!

Reba La Maestra
Hmmm….Do YOU still want to be LIBERATED from our men ladies!?!

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Angel Marie
Hhhnmmm this is deep

Reba La Maestra
Many times good Black men marry these types of females further deteriorating the fabric of our people’s true essence. These females need to be taught how to be women of valor from the few true women of royalty and of higher standards. These men should avoid at all costs these females who have been tricked into exploiting what should be BLACK LOVE which is in itself indescribable!!

Evan Alston
That’s Real Reba.

Reba La Maestra
Thanks Evan Alston…unfortunately many of these females think that they will be able to keep a good man when she is not “keepable” herself. He is unsuspecting and may have His wife right in front of Him and if willing to be patient with God about Her (the wife) then He will not only please God but be pleased with His choice.

Some men make certain erroneous moves like marriage or children too often in “tricky” relationships as well as knowing that they have no intention of remaining with the “tricked out” females that appeal to His lust (and not His true complimentary service as God intendedly) unfortunately even though she knows that He does not love her and honestly can’t love her will bring forth seed and He may leave them to the world who will attempt to destroy them as we see today.

You can’t make a housewife out of a …you know!! So Don’t Marry The “Trick”… she will show early signs of attempts to destroy you and you must heed. Verbal deescalation and putting you down for not making as much money as her so what do whores do?….Earn TOP DOLLAR and bring it home to the pimp and when she finds a better pimp she will leave the one whom she first ” tricked off” with… Remember, He may have His wife right in front of Him so trust God and not the Jezebel spirit that is already driving you away from those who will build you up and nurture as God intends.

Men, you must be careful to not further destroy the minds of these females since they already live in a fantasy. She will make you think that the lust is love but when the STDs come and the insecurities set in with you about her there is no holding on…it’s best to let it go because she will lie to you and make you believe that you are wrong for falling in love when you find your wife and even use “God” to condemn you when you find your WIFE. Meantime, she tries to distract you from your destiny!! Don’t miss the opportunity for God to bless you abundantly though your wife…it can’t happen through a “trick”…Wait for your wife… She’ll be worth it!! Grace and Peace… Te amo!
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Reba La Maestra
Superimposed reply copy: Evan Alston:Well spoken, to often Men are willing to settle for situations of this nature, instead of waiting patiently for the one that God has for you. Men fall into the love idiom of selecting what appears to be the weaker link when in actuality it’s the EVE situation revisited.

Reba La Maestra: Of course, we see this too often in our communities and even devout women of God may find themselves struggling to hold on to their sanity when they allow themselves to fall in love with such men who end up being confused at the most critical times. Women of God be patient with God as well as to avoid the misery and deep pain that the Jezebel spirit ensues for you and your future husband…DO NOT CONSUMMATE and WAIT!! He is proper in wanting sexual pleasure and companionship but it is ONLY proper when SHE who can keep His heart and stimulate His mind, His spirit and speak to the king in Him and manifest the god in Him!!

Reba La Maestra
Thanks for your reply Evan Alston…We need to hear from more StandUp Black men. I an concerned about my sons and what examples they have to follow… We need visible positive Black men in the community!!

And by the way… I need to learn how to tie a tie and teach my sons. We’ll be at our garden site in Bronzeville on Saturday morning,October 03, 2015 so stay tuned and help us out!!