Black Eros Power Exchange in Love…

Teachable moment…He just can’t help Himself and she’ll NEVER overstand!! $tay in a wh***’s place, step back and watch His God appointed, anointed and Positioned wife teach you How to walk up right.

I even prayed for you to heal from the pain of the reality)You tried to destroy the man of God because you got your feelings hurt but you didn’t know who had His back!! He’s blatantly shown you whom He loves and even called you my name to your face and still further calls out my name in His sleep…Step back before you destroy yourself!! Grace and Peace…


You stupid hope!! (In the voice of Nikki Minaj) You should’ve rolled onto the floor and out of His bed like a dog and crawled out to never return but didn’t want to face the TRUTH about true Black Love which is to build a DYNASTY as my Black ancestors have done before many times and as the man of God are and I are doing starting from the bottom and rising UP IN God’s timing. We have a new foundation and our friendship and love is genuine…Don’t try to tempt another Man of God because His wife might not be so kind as to avoid forcing you to face your harsh reality to keep you from that deep pain that sends the faint hearted off the deep end to the point of losing their minds…Another woman would care less but I’m going to stay saved!!

Te amo siempre mi amor!! Love ya, always my love!!

She doesn’t get it but get that money boo!! We could use more for the ministry. Ugh!! lol OUR Black sons and daughters all over the world need us so let’s “Make It Happen”!!

Priscilla J.


Men and Women of God Beware of the Jezebel Spirit


Just as importantly due to limited positive male figures religious foolish females connected to Godly men must adhere to the truth of the matter regarding one’s ministry to the masses and it’s nothing that can be faked by her (although these types of females will try) and the relationship will fail especially if a covenant unto God is attempted via marriage or children brought into the relationship. The result is deadly on many levels for her and hopefully the men of God will survive the aftermath and continue to walk in their purpose keeping in mind to avoid the deadly Jezebel Spirit next time which is a deceiver and comes in the form of man or woman via temptation and false Godly purpose even to the point where they will try to have false prophets to come into play to confirm her deeds and to cause guilt and condemnation in order to manipulate Him.

I’ve been praying for Her not to lose Her mind over Him and for the healing process due to the soul tie through sex which He denies. I still know and have experienced that passions can run deep between a man of God and sex not be necessary to form a strong bond. This is indescribable but a metaphysical adaptation of what sex implies between two divinely connected souls. I had to sever ties with Her due to Her confusion and pray that she is well. Women can lose their minds and get to the point of suicidal thoughts based on feelings of deceit and rejection not overstanding the pure intentions of the Alpha Male in ministry even once He has consummated the relationship if He does. He is bound to connect with many different people as He walks in His purpose and God given authority and some will be female but a Godly woman must be certain that God has chosen her to be positioned for the task or she will set herself up for guaranteed destruction that will be irreversible. She doesn’t realize that this mistrust of His genuine love although it may be temporary will cause Him to flee and she will lose the benefit of His wisdom and power.

He MUST BE careful to choose His true mate carefully though as the wrong woman WILL destroy all that God has built up in Him due to being tempted by Her woos. One young lady’s now former friend is a good friend of mine of several years and have we have always had a brotherly and sisterly love for one another. He has acknowledged my spiritual leadership gifts and stated that I was attractive or “a beautiful Queen” at times but has never indicated any personal romantic interest and I believe that it’s because of His focus and mine in recognizing my God purpose in His life as well. He also introduced me to a female friend of His by the way (interestingly enough) in order to help to build Her up in sisterhood but this walk and these connections are NOT for the fainthearted.

Unfortunately, Her imagination took Her off of the deep end (even though she knows about my own dedicated relationship and how many years my partner and I have been committed) her insecurities caused Her to possibly lose connection to me forever and I almost decided to pacify Her irrational concerns. I allowed her to speak Her apologetic heart and continue to pray for Her but have severed ties due to my focus on ministry.

I have too much at stake and won’t jeopardize my opportunities for students under my ministry to women and their families. She and I became close after we met and although she shared insecure thoughts once before she would always acknowledge my own romance with my partner in my life but she’ll be fine now.

As I know and it has been stated: “This is a lonely walk…” so when God allows key relationships be wiser in not allowing the enemy to destroy your true help in the elite of us connected by divine order which my former friend thankfully just confirmed as well. Much prosperity and love always to my brother’s in ministry to the masses…

Grace and Peace,

Priscilla J