Sitting On Her Throne!!



Woman Attacks Boyfriend For Not Giving A Gift


The spirit is attached to spirit of the one with whom sexual encounters are made…Due to the confusion of the masses regarding divine purpose in which some situations are temporary many black females are losing their minds and black men MUST realize the importance of attempting to sustain a friendship if He MUST move on or He should be careful to NOT CONSUMMATE the relationship between friends even if she beggs Him as many females do. No matter what…when the chips fall she won’t be able to overstand that He was merely trying to empower Her in some cases of friendship and restore what has been stripped from Her since slavery but Her mind has to have time to heal and it’s Her soul and spirit which are one in the same. Self-determination as well as the need to learn about what has transpired to cause Her mental illness from childhood to adult traumas. She will even at times accuse friends and or loved ones of indecent acts of deceit and betrayal but the onlookers must be aware as this can be a grave and destructive behavior causing them to want to counter attack.

Thank God that this man’s mother, cousin or sister wasn’t around at the time…she would’ve been so jealous to the point of no return and even possibly horridly accusatory…Another person who is non-relative would’ve lost Her life to this madness.

Black men MUST begin to recognize and acknowledge the confusion in our communities and begin to “father” the woman and Her daughters in the community whether biological or not. Females who have men in their lives who are CAPABLE of doing so must be clear that He is NOT sleeping with these women and girls and should accompany Him from time to time and support His purpose as a friend has done when we discussed business regarding my property.

Every woman CAN’T handle a man in ministry and accept His calling so He MUST BE extremely careful and cut toxic women off as soon as there is indication of insecurities about other people in His life or it can potentially be detrimental to His work in the community.

This woman is like many Black Females in the Inner City who need counseling and support and the gossiping girlfriends and cousins won’t be of help to her… Grace and Peace