Disappointed Older Male Friend

She had probably chosen you because she didn’t want it to be a complete stranger and didn’t know how to ask with many men propositioning females in that way instead of just being kind when able to help. I’m glad that you gave her something to think about but I hope that you will help her and keep the way that she requested a financial gain under your hat in order to allow her to keep some dignity throughout all of this. This is a young woman who could use some guidance and be careful not to enable


Her Courageous Walk

God’s morning love!!  “Amazing triumphs accomplished are possible when we recognize and acknowledge ANGELS like US in each other’s lives.” rsb4.9.16…te amo!!

As a devout woman of God I must be careful to treat you as delicately as I expect and demand to be treated as like a rose or prescious Gem Stone…You are my rock!!