Black & Latina Woman You Are Amazing!!



God’s morning!! Keep this in mind…You are even more beautiful and amazing today than before no matter what moods may come from time to time. Prosperity is in you as God reminds you that your spirit shall prosper in His word. Stand on your emotions which are ALWAYS valid and Keep It Movin’ but remember to continue to WALK in your GOD-GIVEN AUTHORITY!! It can be difficult at times but as I look in the mirror I encourage myself knowing that I have God’s unconditional love regardless and I “Make It Happen!!” Se divertirse su dia!! Enjoy your day!!


Intimacy Is Therapy

Intimacy therapy is best practiced amongst couples in a committed relationship/partnership for longevity and quality of LIFE. Oral pleasure gives a sense of sexual freedom even with conservative women who prefer marital commitment who are not married yet (although most won’t admit it) . It’s undenyably satisfying to know that the pleasure given is well received and reciprocated on a daily basis. Otherwise, depression can set in if discontinued for any period of time in this situation.

Beware of the Seductive & Destructive Jezebel Spirit


Priscilla>> John…”Baby, beware of the Jezebel Spirit which will a spirit of Distraction. There is a reason that certain females remain single and don’t stay in relationships very long.  There’s a good reason why she is no longer engaged to be married. Sometimes it’s the female who will do anything just to get a dollar to make it to the next level including sex acts of infidelity with men with money who would pretend to befriend her guy causing Him to lose all hope in His own endeavors because if all that has been poured into her and now lost with her selfish. Unfortunately, now she is on her own and the good man that helped her to get to where she desired to be is no longer in her life. Yet, she searches and will sometimes try to sexually entice other innocent men who simply want a good woman to build with (and in some cases already have one). A female with a Jezebel Spirit is also distracted by her own greed to be in another woman’s shoes simply to try to steal the zeal of an unsuspecting  male victim”…rsb.fb.5.7.16

Priscilla J Chronicles…

I’m so happy with our friendship, love and support… I’m not looking for anything else. It’s inevitable that interested parties will continue to try to infiltrate but when you have solid foundation it can’t be shaken!! No matter what God allows I’m at Peace knowing that you wouldn’t do anything to intentionally hurt or harm means temptations are plentiful so I pray for your increasing faith in God knowing where you came from concerning wealth. Family inheritance and now rebuilding my parent’s DYNASTY to be even greater as they would expect I am patient with God concerning you.

Love ya!!

Priscilla J.