Follow the Chime4Peace & Love Movement…

Many blacks have numerous distractions and the enemy knows how to keep them off of their mark!! Ive been distracted by marches, groups and community meetings that never accomplish much before but am more careful with how I invest mybyime and energy as I grow in my godly wisdom. It’s time to wake up and seriously focus on our youth as other cultures do from taking them to explore their world in the community and beyond to fathers teaching their sons how to properly protect their families and not just “their boys” because “Daddy wasn’t (or still isn’t) there”.

We need to focus on all of the things that are good about us and our children and harness their resilient (survivor) energy to redirect it for self Empowerment for a brighter future!! From the honor student to the gangbanger who’s Daddy isn’t there to protect them (but dwelling in some hoeshold working on their 2nd and 3rd families). Our youth have superior intelligence as we MUST begin to acknowledge like never before and it’s imperative that we help them to focus on their self higher power and rise above the grime that they have been taught by the enemy while we had been encountering numerous distractions. Let’s also be careful of time spent on social media since we can better invest time with a very well deserved black youth or two in a phone conversation for a “pep talk”, tutoring, etc. (See our Youthpreneur Development Academy website for more @ …te amo!

His God Authority!!

“Walking in your God Authority DESIRING to give love where needed so as He does daily for those who sincerely seek His TRUE power which IS love…How do you decifer who will attempt to latch on and desire more than they deserve ending up heartbroken because they simply wanted what doesn’t belong to them of which a morsel to be fed from is ONLY given for a season to restore much needed life into their weary souls!?!” How do you express this truth to your TRUE God Woman who is duly authorized to do the same and privy to the same requests?…te amo!