His Love is sincere when He…

Women of God: I encourage you my sisters to hear what the men are saying…He wants to give you some reflection (a token) of what He feels for you. He doesn’t want a materialistic woman but one who will GROW with Him and allow Him to be who He is…YOUR KING but “WE MUST NOT EQUATE A MAN’S WORTH WITH WHAT’S IN HIS WALLET!!”  Although by a certain age men and women should have some things established. Be the help mate that God intended while dating and help Him to be a better man by being the best woman that He could ever have by His side and hopefully assist in building a dynasty to enjoy for years to come in serving God and one another. This is why He will choose you as His wife so be the queen that you are by not selling yourself short so that you don’t demean what God can manifest betwixt the two of you for His purpose and Glory …te amo.

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Is this the RIGHT man of God for me?

From Priscilla J’s Journal… “I woke up this morning from a dream that I was getting married to a man that I wasn’t in love with because of what a Christian woman is supposed to do…flee formication.” I’m a trained cosmetologist but ironically in my dream I couldn’t get my hair right and I was dressed in my wedding gown and looking beautiful to everyone around but I felt awful. I felt like I was doing my friend and fiancé an injustice because he was not aware that I didn’t love him the same. I wanted to do the right thing, call the wedding off and allow him to be free to marry someone who could love him the way he deserved. I had the dream because of what’s in my heart for the man that I’m in actually in love with. The person in my dream is someone who used to like me but is married and I was one if many friends at the wedding so the dream was weird…and I was never and of course still not attracted to him but he was one of those guys that was just so confident that he could get the woman that he wanted. Before he got married about a year after we last saw each other at his mother’s house he told me that he just wanted to settle down and get married. I told him that I wasn’t the one in the nicest way possible but offered to sing at his wedding and would be praying for him to find his wife.

I didn’t sing at his wedding and was shocked that the person who offered a song couldn’t sing a lick!! Anyhow it was a beautiful wedding and I was happy to be invited.

Back to my dream… I woke up as I was preparing to tell his family that I desired to call the wedding off but I felt so bad I believe that is why I woke up suddenly.

I wonder why God gave me that dream last night and what I should do about actually being in love with someone who has told me that he loves me but hasn’t made a commitment towards marriage with me. We pray together at times, edify God and His purpose for bringing us together and have helped one another in many ways in our journey of over three years in love.

Reba LaMaestra…I’m sharing my journal entry for your Godly wisdom and advice as to his to deal with the issues of my heart concerning my “John”.